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The first job for any executor of a Will, is to locate the actual Will. This has to be the original Will, not a copy, and it should be free from damage or defects, and without evidence of tampering. If the Will cannot be found, or there is damage or evidence of potential tampering, the Probate court could very well reject the Will, resulting in the deceased being deemed to have died intestate.

A further point to consider is the loss of, or at least the inability to find, documentation once a person has lost their mental capacity. At this stage, they will be unable to create new Wills or Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Having your Will (and other important documents like Lasting Powers of Attorney, or property deeds) in storage, eliminates its potential for loss, damage, or destruction. Once in storage, your documents are fully insured against loss or damage, and can be easily retrieved by your attorneys or executors when they are needed.

Some clients have expressed their desire to self-store their documents. However, our secure document storage is available from just 82p per week, which we believe is incredible value when balanced against the cost of replacing your legal documents, which could run into hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

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