You can't use what you've not got.

03 Mar 2021

You can't use a tool if it's not in your estate planning toolbox - be it a Will, Lasting Power of Attorney, a Trust, Funeral Plan - if you've not got it and you need it, you're going to come unstuck.

Powers of Attorney - What are they and how do they work?

25 Feb 2021

An overview of the options available to anyone who may need to access someone else's accounts, specifically Enduring Powers of Attorney; Ordinary Power of Attorney; Lasting Powers of Attorney and 3rd-Party Mandates.

Life assurance Vs. Pre-paid Funeral Plan - Which is best?

18 Feb 2021

A look at the pros and cons of both life assurance & over 50's plans, Vs. pros and cons of prepaid funeral plans.

Owning your home and going into care - the facts!

12 Jan 2021

Owning your own home and going in to care - when can the Local Authority claim your property and what, if anything, can be done to protect it.

The perils of the DIY Lasting Power of Attorney

05 Jan 2021

Why DIY Lasting Powers of Attorney are a bad idea

The Importance of Being Early

15 Dec 2020

The importance of being early - why waiting to do your LPA's could prove to be a big mistake

Time is running out to claim your LPA Registration refund!

01 Dec 2020

Time is running out to claim LPA registration refund.

Who's got the keys to the safe?...

22 Oct 2020

If your Wills are locked in your safe, who knows that they are there? Who else has a key?

The importance of a Will

18 Oct 2020

Writing a Will may not be at the top of your to do list, but despite the procrastinations, superstitions and anxieties of creating a Will, it is extremely important to do so.

Piece of mind with Lasting Powers of Attorney

06 Oct 2020

Mental and physical incapacity can happen at any time, and you might think that a spouse or family member would gain control of your finances and wellbeing, but this isn’t the case…

Could your family home be slipping away?

17 Sep 2020

Family homes sold for social care fees